Jackson Pearce’s Rockin’ Review of Beautiful Creatures

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Jackson Pearce is the YA author of AS YOU WISH and SISTERS RED (forthcoming). Here’s what she had to say about Beautiful Creatures on Goodreads:

I hate it when books are long for the sake of being long– if I’m going to read about a character going through each step in the process of making cereal, there’d better be a point to it. What’s fantastic about this book is there IS a point to it– every word in the book is valuable. It’s written with the succinctness of a short book, yet still goes on for 600 pages. Which means that’s a powerful, beautiful, and well-planned 600 pages.

The characters are amazingly rounded and realistic; the love story doesn’t go without angst/frustration, which makes it one of the best YA love stories I’ve read in ages. I LIVED for those romantic, sweet scenes that exist just often enough to keep me clambering for the next one. The magic aspect of the world is well built and heavily detailed in a way that makes it all the more believable. The real gem of this book, however, is the setting. As someone from the deep south, I’m always mixed on the way we’re portrayed in books. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES simultaneously shows the grace, history and beauty of the south along with the often irritating small-mindedness that infects some areas.  

I will confess that I felt the power of the love story dropped a little in the final chapter, but I think this may just be my interpretation. There were also a few very minor unfulfilled character development moments. But it wasn’t enough for me to not give this book five stars– overall, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is a glorious love story crafted in a a rich, mysterious, and magical deep South world. It’s sure to be a huge hit– how could it not be?

We hope you’re right, Jackson! Thanks for the great review; as Kami and I said to each other, coming from a) a writer we respect, b) a Southerner and c) an English Lit grad — it’s our favorite kind of review triple crown!

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ARCs of May: Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink & Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

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Two very different ARCs I got to read this month, thank you Little, Brown…

Prophecy of The Sisters is coming out in August (75 days, according to the LBC countdown!) and Twenty Boy Summer is just hitting the stores now.

Michelle Zink and Sarah Ockler are two compulsively readable YA debut authors of 2009, and I have deeply loved each of these very different books.


Prophecy of the Sisters is a gifted YA supernatural classic, packed with the very best the genre has to offer: romance, betrayal, power, suspense, and a coming-of-age story that spans generations, continents, social classes and even realities. Though the book is set in the late 19th century, Lia’s struggle to discover herself and unravel the central mystery of not just her family, but the essential nature of good and evil, is at once classical and immediate. Lia wrestles with fate and free will just as any of our modern Caster girls do. I’m so hooked, I’d preorder the next book in the series already if Amazon would let me.

20 Boy

Twenty Boy Summer is a stunning piece of contemporary YA realistic fiction that upends the genre in its refusal to be one thing or another. Vary rarely can a writer take on all the great universal themes of love and loss and joy and pain and loyalty and betrayal at once, while being funny and real and light and slight. That’s what life is like, and that’s what Sarah’s writing is like, and I’m so impressed. I can’t wait to read her next book. I think you can find it in the stores now, so get your butt over to your closest bookstore and get it for yourself so you can see what I’m talking about!

Both books are coming-of-age stories, each set into motion by an unrecoverable, personal loss, and though the books couldn’t be more different, Michelle twists a classical YA genre to tackle contemporary issues, and Sarah lifts a contemporary YA genre to the stature of a modern classic. What is good and what is evil? What is love and what is loss? Neither are what you think, which is what sets both titles apart from the pack.

Check our BC site later in the week for details on our upcoming contests celebrating these two amazing debut authors: we’re giving away themed gift boxes that include, along with other goodies, each of these fabulous ARCs.

Check out LBC’s teaser site for Prophecy of the Sisters here and Michelle Zink’s blog here

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Now on to Jackson Pearce’s As You Wish and Malinda Lo’s Ash.

Beautiful Creatures World Tour!

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Beautiful Creatures


Where can you find Beautiful Creatures this November? The United States, Canada, the U.K., Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy, for starters…WOOT!